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Subsidy for correction services for dissertations

Doctoral candidates of the Faculty of Law whose native language is not German respectively English and who have gained their university entrance qualification in a country other than Germany may apply for financial assistance from the Graduate School towards correction services for their dissertation. Such correction services must improve the language (German or English) of the dissertation in such a way that the candidate does not have a linguistic disadvantage in comparison to candidates who have German respectively English as a native language. The maximum amount which will be granted is 500 Euro. This amount will only be granted once per candidate. Funding will be allocated by the principle of priority.
The funding is provided by the Albertus Magnus Graduate Center within the DAAD project 'IPAK - Promoting International Doctorates at the University of Cologne' which is part of the DAAD programme IPID4all.


The subsidy is dependent on the following prerequisites:

  • The dissertation is written in German or English
  • In the event of a dissertation written in German: the doctoral candidate's native language must not be German
  • In the event of a dissertation written in English: the doctoral candidate's native language must not be English
  • The doctoral candidate's university entrance qualification (such as Abitur) was obtained outside Germany
  • The individual must be enrolled as a doctoral candidate at the University of Cologne
  • The dissertation is due to be submitted for examination or is mostly completed

How to apply

The following documents must be submitted to the Graduate School of Law to apply for the subsidy:

  • Statement of the reasons why correction services are required for the dissertation (including specific costs and a declaration of any funding which has been applied for or granted by another organization)
  • Curriculum vitae in a tabular form
  • Short summary of the dissertation including the most important aspects, research priorities and relevant findings (maximum of three pages)
  • Certificate of enrolment
  • Confirmation letter from your supervisor which sets out the reasons for eligibility
  • Quotation or invoice from correction service (if already available)


Please use this form to apply.



Important information

Reimbursement can only be made or approved after the correction work has been completed. In exceptional circumstances (and subject to the condition of repayment if applicable), an advance payment of 80 percent of the full amount may be granted. The maximum amount of the subsidy is 500 Euro.