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Forschungsgruppe Transitional Justice

The Transitional Justice Research Group was founded in 2017 by PhD Candidates of the University of Cologne as an interdisciplinary forum to discuss and advance research on all matters related to transitional justice. The research group has the aim of fostering interdisciplinary exchange within the research field and to serve as a platform for discussion among early stage researchers. The group welcomes all PhD candidates who deal with Transitional Justice or neighbouring topics such as memory studies or conflict resolution and is not limited to PhD students from the faculty of Law. Currently, its members have academic backgrounds in law, history and Latin American studies.

In the meeting, members of the group have the possibility to present current issues or problems in their project and get feedback, report on their progress or discuss conference papers. The group meets once to twice a month. As the group is international, the meetings are held in English.

 On the 14th and 15th of September 2018 the research group held the conference "Dealing with the past to create a peaceful future: Young scholars’ perspectives on Transitional Justice“ at the University of Cologne.

If you are interested in joining the group or attend the conference, please contact us



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